Nevada Sets 2011 Bear Season

Nevada Dept. of Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

Nevada will host its first black bear hunting season from August through December this year under regulations passed last week by state wildlife officials.

The state will distribute 45 tags through a lottery. Hunters who win a tag will be able to use any weapon legal for big game to hunt bears beginning on the third Saturday of August.

The harvest cannot exceed 20 bears and only six bears can be female, meaning if the first six bears tagged are female, the season would end early. Hunters who harvest a black bear must notify the state within 24 hours. They have 72 hours to personally bring the skull and hide to the state for inspection.

The rules apply for this year only; the commission will decide in 2012 whether the bear hunting regulations need to be tweaked or made permanent.

The department planned to offer a bear hunting class in Reno before the season opens.

Roughly 300 black bears are in Nevada, mostly along the foothills of Lake Tahoe. The population grows by about 16 percent each year.

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