Kentucky Hunters To Try For Bear Again

Kentucky Fish & Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

This year, the hunt is scheduled for the weekend of December 18-19. Because of a snowstorm last year, the 372 hunters who had bear permits were shut out of tagging a bear.

The three Kentucky counties that have sections open for bear hunting are Harlan, Letcher and Pike.

The return of a hunting season for black bears in Kentucky is a wildlife management milestone. In the early 20th century, most big game animals had disappeared or were at historically low population levels. Today, all the state's native big game species, except for bison, have increased to huntable population levels.

The harvest quota for the 2010 season is 10 bears total (or five female bears) whichever limit hunters reach first. Many of the sows are already in their dens for the winter, with some denning as early as October, based upon information the Kentucky Fish & Wildlife have collected from radio-collared bears.

Biologists will weigh the bears brought into the required check-in stations, take body measurements and biological samples for research, and attach a carcass tag to each harvested animal. Hunters must also Telecheck their bear before leaving the check station.

Hunters may not take female bears with cubs or bears weighing less than 75 pounds. Baiting is prohibited, including garbage used as bait. Such as hunters may not shoot a bear feeding at a garbage can or dumpster.

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