Canadian Teen Bear Attack Story Hoax

Canada News, Bear Hunting Magazine

Officials in British Columbia have now stated that a Vancouver Island teenager who told them that he survived a bear attack was not telling the truth. Local conservation officers state that police have informed them it was a false complaint.

Four conservation officers, a police officer, two volunteers and three search dogs spent most of Wednesday night this week out looking for the bear in the rain after a 13-year-old boy reported being attacked in Port Alberni, British Columbia.

The teen said he was jogging when a bear came out of the bushes and grabbed him. The boy told police he used a pocket knife to poke the animal and scare it away.

Some members of the community were frightened that a dangerous bear was roaming the community, and the conservation officers want residents to know that is not the case. Officials do not know how much the all-night search cost yet.

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