Second Montana Hunter Attacked By Grizzly

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Dept., Bear Hunting Magazine

Montana wildlife officials state that another bow hunter is recovering after a grizzly bear mauled him in the southern Gravelly Mountains near Ennis, just 3 1/2 miles from where a similar attack happened less than a week ago.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks says the Kalispell man was hunting with a partner in the Cascade Creek area when the female grizzly with two cubs knocked him down and bit him once on the inner thigh. The hunter was taken to a hospital in Dillon and has since been released.

FWP game warden Sam Sheppard said there is nothing to suggest that both attacks involved the same bear. He stated that the bears are probably attracted to the area because elk hunters have been leaving behind gut piles.

FWP has posted signs in the area warning hunters of the danger of traveling in bear country and recommends they carry pepper spray. Sheppard stated that there are no plans to close the area to hunting because it is such a broad expanse of land.

Original Story from 9/20/10:
Montana Wildlife officials stated that a grizzly bear attacked a bow hunter in the southern Gravelly Mountains near Ennis this past weekend.

A game warden with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, said the Sunday morning attack left the Bozeman man with a broken right forearm and large cuts to the head. The warden described the attack as fast and sudden.

"This is something that has the potential to happen when people archery hunt in those areas with a resident grizzly bear population,' he said.

The man was hunting near the west fork of the Madison River south of Ennis. He was traveling back to his truck alone when the attack happened and could not reach for his bear spray in time.

There is no management action planned for the bear. "It's bears doing what bears do when they are surprised and archery hunters doing what archery hunters do,' the warden was quoted as saying.

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