Alaska Police Shoot Bear and Resident

Seward, Alaska Police Report, Bear Hunting Magazine

Seward police released a statement that a bystander was injured when they fatally shot a bear roaming through their town.

Police stated that a shotgun round pierced the black bear, but ricocheted and hit a bystander in the abdomen.

It is believed that the round went through the bears ear and possibly out one side of its head. At that time, it then ricocheted off something and hit the bystander.

The Seward resident was stated as merely being bruised by the hit and the policee did not identify the man hit by the ricochet.

Officers were responding to a call of a bear hiding near the boat harbor. They tried shooing the bear away, and people gathered near the area to watch. When the bear ran, an officer fired the shotgun, but the bear kept running. The officer shot again, that time injuring the bystander located approximately 125 feet away.

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