Bear Hunting Bill Proposed In Bulgaria

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A bill of amendments to the Hunting and Game Conservation Act envisions hunting permits being issued by the Agriculture Ministry.

The bill comes on the back of another attack by a brown bear in southern Bulgarian, which left a woman mauled and in critical condition in a hospital, which prompted the Bulgarian Environment Ministry to authorise police and park rangers to hunt down and kill the bear involved in the attack.

Additionally, eight other bears reported to be near rural settlements in the area, which could be dangerous to people living there, are to be caught and relocated. The bears will be caught using traps designed to "inflict no permanent harm to the animal's foot" and then fitted out with collars equipped with GPS devices which will keep the park rangers informed at their whereabouts. The action will be conducted in conjunction with the Regional Inspectorate for the Environment and Waters and park rangers from Balkani.

The authorization was given to the Slaveino hunting club in the village of Slaveinovo. They are to organize a hunting party in the Banite Municipality near Malka Arda and have the bear killed.

The woman was attacked by a Bulgarian brown bear on the morning of July 14. The incident occurred at about 9am between the villages of Malka Arda and Oryahovets in south Bulgaria.

In May 2010, a brown bear killed a man near the Smolyan village of Koutela, which prompted the authorities to order the bear killed.

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