PA Looking To Change Bear Season

PA Board of Game Commission, Bear Hunting Magazine

Pennsylvania bear hunters will face vastly changed big-game hunting seasons this fall, if the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners in April give a second and final round of approvals to some sweeping alterations they approved as preliminary rule makings this week.

Bear hunting season, which has opened on the Monday before Thanksgiving since 1986, would now open Saturday, November 20. It would continue to be a three-day season, including Monday, November 22, and Tuesday, November 23.

Commissioner Tom Boop made the motion to move the season, saying it would offer "tremendous benefit to our sporting community," including allowing youth hunters, who previously were in school session all three days of the bear season, to experience the first day as well as going to hunting camp for bear.

Adults, who previously could not obtain leave for a weekday-only bear hunting season, now would have a Saturday open available to them.

If the first day of the bear season is moved to Saturday, when many additional hunters would be available and likely would head out in pursuit of bruins, extended bear seasons for areas of the state where additional decrease in the bear population is deemed necessary by wildlife biologists would be eliminated.

Another enormous change for bear hunting would be the extension of the archery season to statewide across five days, Monday through Friday, November 15-19. The season has been a two-day, midweek season since it was opened in 2006.

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