WA Charges Japanese Man With Illegal Hunting

Seattle OnLine, Bear Hunting Magazine

A 71-year-old Japanese psychiatrist has been charged with illegal possession of guns and illegal bear hunting by King County, Washington prosecutors.

They charges were brought Wednesday, January 13th included that the man pretended to be a citizen of the United States to buy guns, which he used to kill six black bears in and around the Quinault Indian Reservation.

Detectives with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife had been keeping tabs on the man since 2007, after hearing a tip that he was trafficking in bear parts. Bear gall bladders are popular in traditional Asian medicine.

During a June search of his Seattle home, wildlife detectives found 11 firearms and several dried gall bladders. On a previous trip he had been found by federal agents to be carrying another 18 gallbladders. The man is not currently in custody.

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