New Hampshire Harvest Second Best

New Hampshire Fish and Game Dept., Bear Hunting Magazine

Hunters in New Hampshire were able to take 755 bears this season, the second highest number in the states history. This number is about 70 percent higher than the 439 bears killed in 2008. The increase came mostly in the states northern area, where poor beechnut and oak crops affected the bear population, according to information from Fish and Game.

When fall food is scarce, bears become more vulnerable to hunting as they forage over greater distances and become easier to pattern at local food sources, Andy Timmins, Fish and Games Bear Project leader, said. This year we had an abundant apple crop and a spotty nut crop, so bears were more predictably in orchards.

More bears were spotted and taken in cornfields last fall compared to previous years, Timmins said. The number of bears killed in the southern part of the state stayed close to annual averages, but the 755 killed is 50 percent higher than the average of the previous five years. The 2009 number includes 413 males and 342 female bears.

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