PA Man Charged With Illegal Bear Harvest

What is legal in one state is not in another

PA Game Commission, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Pennsylvania Bear Commission announced that a A Bear Creek Township man, who recently harvested a 707-pound black bear in Wyoming County, which was the largest of the 3,036 bears harvested in Pennsylvania during the PA 2009 bear season, baited the bear with pastries, which constitutes illegal poaching in the state of Pennsylvania. State law says hunters in PA are not allowed to bait any wildlife except for coyotes.

"It takes away any kind of fair chase," Dan Figured, law enforcement supervisor for the Game Commission's Northeast Region, said. "What is most unfortunate is that law-abiding bear hunters in the area were robbed of the opportunity to legally harvest truly a trophy bear."

Figured says the man will be charged with using unlawful hunting methods and devices, and unlawful taking or possession of game or wildlife.

Game Commission officials stated that the man was under suspicion before he brought the bruin to the agency's regional bear check station in Dallas, PA on November 25th.

A week before bear season opened, Wildlife Conservation Officer Cory Bentzoni spotted him traveling through Dallas with a large quantity of pastries in the bed of his pickup truck, officials said.

The official wrote down the license plate number, learned his identity and advised check stations to notify him if the man came in with a bear.

Game Commission officials said they will seek a three-year suspension of the man's hunting privileges. He faces a fine of between $500 and $1,500 and could be forced to pay up to $5,000 in restitution for illegally killing a trophy-class bear.

(*Name withheld until official charges have been made)

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