Florida Hunters Looking for Season

FBHA, Bear Hunting Magazine

It has been nearly 15 years since it was legal to hunt black bears in Florida and now the Florida Bear Hunters Association is asking the state to re-evaluate a ban on bear hunting.

The FBHA plans to ask the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission during its meeting next month to open a short black bear hunting season.

Since the state banned bear hunting, the black bear population in Florida's panhandle has spiked to about 3,500 bears and many of the bears are roaming into developed areas. The theory is that an abundance of black bears in the state's national forests has caused older bears to push younger bears out of the territory to prevent interbreeding.

The FBHA is proposing a two week season with 50 bear tags to be sold in 10 panhandle counties with hunters paying private land owners to hunt on their property. Officials with the FWC said there is no political support for a bear hunting season at this time.

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