California Hunter Hurt By Bear

California Fish & Game - K C R A, Bear Hunting Magazine

A hunter from Oroville, CA was seriously mauled by a bear in Sierra County, the state Department of Fish and Game stated.

Mark Lucero of The California Fish and Game said someone shot the animal near Camptonville, causing the bear to come down from a tree and charge Mr. Sanders, 83, of Oroville. Lucero said the bear then grabbed Sanders while the man tried to protect himself. He suffered lacerations and his left wrist was broken from a bite. After the bear attacked Sanders, he went after another hunter whom shot the bear in the head and killed it.

Sanders was taken to Sutter Roseville Medical Center for medical attention.
The six-person hunting party was hunting with hounds at the time of the attack. Fish and Game officials plan to retrieve the head the bear to test it for rabies and stated that when there is an interaction between a human and a wild animal, wardens investigate the case.

Bear hunting season begins in early October and lasts until the allotted number of bears is killed, Lucero stated, and that the hunting party was doing everything legally.

California Fish and Game stated that of the 1,700 permits issued for the state, 303 bears have been killed so far. The season will continue until November 1st or at such a time as they meet the 1,700 quota.

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