Canada Bans Bear Guide For Life

The Global News, Bear Hunting Magazine

Two Ontario men have been convicted of various offences related to bear hunting services they preformed during last years bear season by Justice of the Peace Michel Moreau.

Gary Mercer, owner and operator of Angus Lake Lodge, was convicted of violating the conditions of his licence to provide bear hunting services and of illegally issuing a bear hunting validation certificate to a non-resident. He was fined a total of $3,000.

Lawrence Dorman, Operations Manager of Temagami Shores Inn and Resort, was convicted of illegally providing black bear hunting services. He was banned for life from hunting black bears and from participating in any aspect of operating a Bear Management Area.

The court heard that in August 2008 Mr. Dorman served as an unlicensed bear hunting guide and outfitter for hunters from the United States. He put out bait for bears and guided the hunters in Angus Lake Lodges Bear Management Area. Mercer violated the conditions of his licence to provide bear hunting services by transferring the operation of the Bear Management Area to Dorman and issuing a validation certificate to a non-resident hunter who was not his client. It turns out that he had been warned about similar activities that he was involved in back in 2007.

A third defendant is to appear in court on October 22, 2009, to address a related charge resulting from this investigation.

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