WVBHA Worried About New Regulation

Herald, Bear Hunting Magazine

The West Virginia Bear Hunters Association fears a new Kanawha County, West Virginia ordinance that makes it illegal to keep dogs outdoors when the temperature drops to 40 degrees or below may be an attempt to eliminate the popular sport of bear hunting with hounds in the area.

Under the new Kanawha County ordinance, due to take effect in six months, dogs would have be taken indoors if the temperature reaches 85 or falls under 40 degrees.

To Gary Knapp, President of the West Virginia Bear Hunters Association, the ordinance is a not-too-subtle move to disallow bear hunting in a region where the abundant population already has stirred concerns with the Division of Natural Resources.

"This will be the end of people being able to have dogs for the purpose of hunting," Knapp stated.

Knapp did state that even though some people that backed the Kanawha County ordinance were genuinely concerned about the welfare of dogs, but that he also thought there was a hidden agenda by some of the people to use this measure as a way to do away with bear hunting with hounds.

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