Hunting Dogs In WI Killed Now At 11

Wisconsin DNR, Bear Hunting Magazine

UPDATED 8/18/2009
The DNR says another bear hunting dog has been killed after it was attacked by wolves in Clark County.

Ed Culhane of the DNR says the hound was killed in Levis Township south of Neillsville on Saturday.

Culhane says the Brushy Ridge wolf pack is believed responsible for the two and a half year old hound's death.

This is the fifth dog killed by wolves in Clark County this year, and the 11th hunting hound killed in the state.

Wildlife authorities have identified two new bear hunting dog training caution areas after confirming the killing of two hunting dogs by wolves in Burnett County on August 6 and in Ashland County on Aug 7.

The dogs killed were a 6-year-old male Bluetick hound in the Town of Rusk in Burnett County and a 3-year-old male Walker in the Town of Chippewa in Ashland County.

Adrian Wydeven, DNR mammalian ecologist, said wolves have pups in rendezvous sites at this time of the year. It is probable the wolves were protecting their young.

We advise all citizens to exercise caution and avoid training dogs in areas of recently confirmed wolf depredations on dogs. Hunters should be familiar with caution area maps on the DNR wolf web site, Wydeven said. All packs involved with dog incidents likely produced pups this spring.

Hunters may train dogs by pursuing bear from July 1 to August 31 each year. The gray wolf currently is listed as a federally endangered species and persons convicted of killing a wolf are subject to possible jail time and fines.

Caution area maps can be found on the DNR Web site. Click Here For The Information

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