Arizona To Offer Bear Hunting Workshop

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Get a years worth of knowledge on how to find, stalk, call, judge and harvest Arizonas black bear during the fall hunting season from a veteran Arizona Game and Fish wildlife manager.

The informative workshop will be held at the Arizona Game and Fish Department headquarters next Wednesday, July 29 from 7-9 p.m. in the Quail Room auditorium. No registration required.

Brian Anthony, the wildlife manager for over a decade in Unit 22 (well known for its dense bear populations), will provide tips, strategies, and information for bear hunting that is useful to beginners as well as experienced hunters. The workshop is approximately two hours and will cover:

* Arizona black bear biology

* How to identify bear signs

* Bear hunting tactics (spot & stalk, calling, weapon types)

* How to identify bear habitat

* Field judging bears

* Field care

The presentation will consist of a PowerPoint presentation, loaded with pictures, and I will have some hides and a skull on display. But, my biggest focus will be on habitat, said Anthony. Habitat is king. Ill teach you what to look for, and how to determine if there are bears in the area. Knowing this information will make your hunts much more productive  and hopefully successful.

Anthony added, Last year I received close to 50 phone calls from sportsmen about bear hunting in Region 6. We like to be able to help folks have a safe and successful hunt, but I wasnt able to get very detailed with them over the phone. My goal with these workshops is to offer more concise information to a larger audience and help folks take advantage of this over-the-counter big game hunting opportunity.

Hunting Arizonas black bear is challenging, exciting, rewarding and has the potential to provide the hunter with a harvest of a lifetime. Fall hunts are open to nonpermit-tags purchased over-the-counter and are available at all department offices and license dealers statewide. These tags are valid for a number of units around the state and have a couple of season dates in which to hunt.

For more information about bear hunting in Arizona, visit the departments Web site at

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