Wyoming Man Hurt By Grizzly

Cody Enterprise, Bear Hunting Magazine

A Clark, Wyoming man was hospitalized with extensive injuries to his face following a Sunday afternoon encounter with a sow grizzly bear in Park County. The retired Baltimore County police officer learned first-hand that there is almost nothing quite as dangerous as a mother grizzly bear when she is with her young.

It happened while Jerry Ruth was hiking down to the lake. He was with a friend, but was walking in front. Ruth came across the mother grizzly and her three cubs. He was able to shoot and kill the bear with his handgun, but not before suffering serious injuries. He was in stable condition at a Billings hospital with multiple facial and jaw damage.

The three grizzly cubs, which are about a year old, were taken by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Mark Bruscino, a bear management supervisor for the department stated that the department has set up that the three cubs will head to the Memphis Zoo.

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