British Columbia Expands No Hunt Area

U.S. Sportsmen, Bear Hunting Magazine

The B.C. government has expanded the no-hunting area for bears in British Columbia, adding another 470,000 hectares that are closed to grizzly hunting including in northern B.C.

The increased no-hunting area for grizzlies went into effect in mid-June. The addition of 470,000 hectares closed to hunting brings the total area closed to grizzly bear hunting along the central and north coast to 1.9 million hectares.

Another 122,000 hectares are closed to black bear hunting on the central and north coast, which went into effect at the beginning of this month.

The three areas closed to grizzly bear hunting are situated in the Nass-Skeena area in northwest B.C., the Khutze-Kitlope-Kimsquit Upper Dean-Tweedsmuir area and the Annuhati area. Areas now closed to black bear hunting include Gribbell Island and those portions of Princess Royal Island called the Kitasoo Spirit Bear Conservancy, and the estuary of Whalen Creek and one km surrounding the estuary. These areas have a high proportion of the white-phase black bears, more commonly known as Spirit or Kermode Bears.

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