WI Woman Hurt By Bear

Wisconsin DNR, Bear Hunting Magazine


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is on the look out for a bear that sent a pregnant woman to the hospital, after knocking her down and taking a few swats at her.

Kelly Wiltrout and her unborn baby are fine, but she now has three big traps around her Burnett County home. The DNR says when a bear shows no fear of humans, it has to be trapped.

"We were both in the wrong place at the wrong time," Kelly says. She says she was taking the garbage out when she walked around a corner of the house and came face to face with the bear.

"It took one hit to my face and knocked me down," Kelly says. "Then it took one more scratch to my face and shoulder and then it kept its paw on me." Kelly lay curled on the ground covering her eight-month pregnant belly.

"I scared it as much as it scared me. I think we just startled each other and the bear realized that and it didn't attack more. Then, it just walked away," Kelly says.

When the bear walked back into the woods, Kelly quickly dialed her deputy husband at work.

"He dispatched everyone to my house." And with that the traps went up; especially since the bear had earlier made its way into the Wiltrout home waking Kelly from a nap.

"I had been in bed downstairs and I heard the footsteps," Kelly says. "I called to my husband thinking it was him and the footsteps got closer. And as I peeked up to talk to him, it was the bear."

Kelly says the doors were open to let in the breeze, but the bear took out these screens during its walk through her house. Her two-year-old son was also sleeping at the time. Now, she says unfortunately enough is enough and she hopes the traps do the trick.

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