More Bills To Limit Hunting Dogs

US Sportsmen's Alliance, Bear Hunting Magazine

A rash of bills regulating dog ownership and breeding are being introduced nationwide. The bills expose the antis strategy of attacking sporting dog breeding. If successful, these efforts will open the floodgates to assaults on other forms of hunting.

The USSA has been busy issuing action alerts across the nation to let sportsmen know of dangerous national trends, especially the rise of so-called puppy mill bills. These bills trap honest sporting dog breeders in webs of big government regulation that mirror those for mass commercial breeders who farm dogs to be sold wholesale to pet stores.

The USSA is monitoring puppy mill bills in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee and Washington. Other bills are expected to be introduced in Maine, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Beyond puppy mill bills, the antis are pushing other bills that chip away at the rights of sportsmen to raise their own dogs for hunting.

In Florida, sporting dog owners face a mandatory spay/neuter bill that will require owners of every dog or cat in the state to have animals sterilized at four months of age, or within 30 days of the owner receiving the animal. This could kill off championship bloodlines.

A Rhode Island the bill would destroy sporting dog kennels by prohibiting dog owners from leaving their dogs outside in a fenced yard or enclosure for more than an hour.

In Connecticut, two bills would impose outright bans on tethering dogs.

Sportsmen in each state should contact their legislators and tell them to vote no on these damaging bills. Sportsmen can use the Legislative Action Center to find their legislators information.

If you have any questions about specific bills, please contact USSA at 614-888-4868.

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