Anti's Requesting eBay Stop Hunt Auctions

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"Wildlife Advocates" are asking that the eBay auction website stop the sale of guided trophy hunts for bears, wolves, cougars and other top predators. The Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Big Wildlife and the Alaska Wildlife Alliance say eBay auction sales of guided trophy hunts put the survival of these species at greater risk.

In a letter to eBay chief executive John Donahoe, the groups said, "the company's promotion of hunting these animals is adding to the many threats these species face...have the lives of Canada's grizzly bears, wolves and other large carnivores become so cheapened by the purveyors of trophy hunting that selling an opportunity to kill one is now as commonplace as trying to unload a kitchen appliance or baseball cards on eBay?" asked Chris Genovali, executive director of the British Columbia based Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

A quick search on eBay turned up numerous auctions for bear hunting along with wolf and other species of legally hunted animals. Black bears are not classed as endangered in Canada or in the northern United States. Black bears are listed as a threatened subspecies in Louisiana, eastern Texas and southern Mississippi under the federal Endangered Species Act.

Last year, eBay announced a global ban on sales of ivory products after an International Fund for Animal Welfare report revealed the online auction site was helping to fuel illegal trade in wildlife products. While the three groups said they are encouraged by eBay's ban on ivory auctions, their recent review of the eBay website found hunting sales complete with photos of grizzlies and other carnivores killed for trophies.

"Most people visit eBay to buy vintage dolls, used cameras or lawn furniture. Few eBay users know the company also auctions off the lives of some of our planet's most magnificent carnivores. eBay has become an online marketplace peddling the slaughter of wolves, bears and cougars," said Brian Vincent, Big Wildlife's communication director.

The groups have been working to end trophy hunting of grizzly and brown bears in British Columbia and Alaska. The groups recommended a list of trophy hunting videos for Donahoe to watch, saying, "We encourage you to watch the videos of trophy hunting these animals at the following links to see the reality behind these guided hunts. While these videos are disturbing, we believe it is important that you understand the kind of activities eBay is condoning."

If you believe that eBay should continue to allow hunts to be auctioned off along with legally harvested hides and other items, make sure your voice is heard as well. Send a letter to eBay, Attention: John Donahoe, President and CEO, 2145 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

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