Top Causes of Grizzly Deaths In MT

KULR, Bear Hunting Magazine

Bear managers have been the number one killers of grizzlies in northwestern Montana over the past decade.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says "management removals," the killing of bears, primarily for raiding food or killing cattle on private land, are responsible for 58 of the 179 grizzly bears people have killed since 1999. That represents 32% of human-caused grizzly bear deaths.

Illegal shootings were responsible for 34 grizzly deaths since 1999, making it the second leading human-caused method of grizzly mortality. Twelve of the shootings were cases of mistaken identity by black bear hunters.

It has been a relatively good year for grizzlies, with nine human-caused deaths reported, including one classified as a management removal. In 2007, there were 26 human-caused grizzly deaths in the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem.

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