University Finds Dead Bear Under Campaign Sign

ABC 13, Bear Hunting Magazine

A 75-pound black bear was shot and put in the center of Western Carolina University's campus in North Carolina. Placed over its head; an Obama-Biden campaign sign.

A maintenance worker found it early Monday and it was quickly removed. But word spread quickly across the WCU campus and students and faculty are outraged by the message.

"I just can't believe people would go to such an extent to state their political beliefs," said WCU Junior, Bethany Rowe.

"A sick individual who thinks extremely badly about Obama," said Freshman Daniel Ford.

Political Science professor Chris Cooper agrees with students; "I think it sends a pretty disturbing the very least its somebody sending the wrong message and taking this hot political season the wrong way."

University police are investigating and are asking for anyone with information to come forward. Their number is 828-227-8911.
Because the case involves the death of an animal, state wildlife officials are also involved in the case.

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