NJ Governor Again Claims No Bear Problem In State

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Meeting at Grand Cascades Lodge at Crystal Springs, New Jersey, those involved in the states commerce hashed out ideas. Toward the end of the weekend-long meeting, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine decided to entertain members of the press for a bit of question and answer time.

According to a report in the AIM Sussex County press, one member of the media reminded the governor that their conference was being held only a few miles from one area having the most troubles with dealing with black bears. He was asked why he was personally against having a bear hunt.

He was quoted as saying, "Well I think that I have read that a lot of this problem, if you would call it that, is something that can be resolved by better game management, waste management (and) education. And there is a real argument about whether the bear hunt will be effective."

Governor Corzine told reporters they should talk with Department of Environmental Protection head Liza Jackson, who was also attending the conference. He said he would go find her, disappeared and never returned, nor did Jackson.

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