Applications For Great Dismal Swamp Bear Hunt Available

Daily Press, Bear Hunting Magazine

Applications for the annual black bear hunt are being accepted at the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia (it also extends into North Carolina). Fifty applicants will be selected in a lottery drawing for the two-day hunt December 12-13, 2008. Each hunter will be allowed to bring a guest, said Chris Lowie, refuge manager.

Applications are due by October 29th. If selected, hunters and their guest must submit a $50 hunt permit fee by November 21st. Hunters must comply with the refuge's bear hunt permit requirements and all state hunting license requirements, Lowie said.

Two hunt zones, made up of about 15,500 acres of the 111,200-acre refuge, will be open for the bear hunt. Scouting for the bear is permitted December 6 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The north zone can be accessed through the Jericho Ditch entrance, and the south zone through the Railroad Ditch entrance. The south zone size was reduced this year "due to lingering effects of this year's large wildfire," Lowie said.

The fire, that broke out in June in logging equipment, scorched about 4,800 acres and cost about $10.9 million so far has died down considerably, Lowie said. "We don't see any smoke from the ground," Lowie said. "We're feeling pretty confident, but we haven't declared it out yet."

More information on the hunt can be found by calling the refuge at 757-986-3705 or on the Refuge website at Click the link to the "Hunting" page.

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