Black Bear Put Down In Yellowstone

NPT, Bear Hunting Magazine

For the third time in a week a national park black bear has been killed, this time in Yellowstone National Park where rangers said the bruin posed a threat to visitors and park employees.

The bear, which was a brown-hued sub-adult male, had been aggressively approaching visitors in the Beaver Lake Picnic Area and the Indian Creek Campground. It also was able to obtain a significant amount of human food.

Park officials say that based on the animals aggressive behavior, lack of fear of people, and its success at getting human food, the decision was made to capture and kill the bear.

Repeated efforts to trap the bear were unsuccessful. However, it was spotted walking next to a road Wednesday morning, allowing the animal to be successfully darted and captured by park staff members. The bear was taken to park headquarters at Mammoth Hot Springs and euthanized Thursday morning.

This is the first time Yellowstone National Park has euthanized a bear in over two years.

In the past seven days two other black bears were killed in the parks, one in Denali National Park and Preserve and another in Grand Teton National Park.

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