Bear Saved From Drowning After Tranquilized

Tallahassee News, Bear Hunting Magazine

Biologist Adam Warwick saved a 375-pound black bear from drowning in the Gulf of Mexico. He jumped in the Gulf after the black bear when he noticed the bear showing signs of distress. The bear, who had wandered into a residential neighborhood near Tallahassee, had been shot with a tranquilizer dart right before it rushed into the Gulf. Once it had gotten out to sea a bit, the sedation started to take hold and the bear became disoriented.

It was just the spur of the moment, said Warwick. Id never be able to live with myself if he drowned.

Warwick kept one arm under the bear. The other gripped the bears neck to keep its head above water. The bears claws scraped the tops of Warwicks feet below the waters surface. Oyster shells pierced the bottoms of his feet.

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