Colorado Man Injured By Bear While Cycling

Collision with bear sent man to hospital

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Before Tim Egan could squeeze the brakes, the 53-year-old former Colorado College hockey player was in the midst of a bike versus bear accident while cycling in Boulder County on Tuesday.

A black bear crossing the road from west to east collided with Egan, who estimated he was going 45 mph. Egan, of Boulder, was tossed into the air and skidded across the asphalt, suffering a nasty case of road rash, cracked ribs and lacerations to his head.

If it wasnt me that was there, I wouldnt believe it, he said. But I wanted people to know to watch out for bears, too, not just cars.

Tim Egans nephew was cycling with his uncle and said the animal looked like a big black dog as they approached from a distance. He said he was shocked to find out it was a bear.

As Egan tried to recover in the middle of the street with help from his nephew, the bear stood on its hind legs at the edge of the roadway. The 6-foot-2 Egan said the bear looked taller than he was.

As I was there on the road and saw it look at me, I thought, Aw, man. Its going to come over here Egan said after returning from Boulder Community Hospital. But luckily it had other fish to fry.

It was other deer, actually. While the man and bear collided, a buck wandered into the scene playing out on the road. The bear turned its attention to the animal and roared, scaring the deer off before running off itself.

Egan said he was worried about his kidneys before doctors said they were unharmed. Hes scheduled to give one to his sister in September.

This was not the first time a cyclist has collided with a bear on this stretch of Old Stage Road. In July 2006, a competitor in the Boulder Peak Triathlon hit a bear estimated to weigh 550 pounds. She was able to finish the race, and the bear wandered into the woods.

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