Quebec Woman Killed In Apparent Bear Attack

CTV, Bear Hunting Magazine

Quebec conservation officers are on the hunt for a bear that killed a 70-year-old woman. Provincial police say the victim's husband went looking for her Friday evening when she didn't return from a solo trip to a fishing hole at a camping area near La Sarre, about 600 kilometres northwest of Ottawa.

Police spokesman Gregory Gomez del Prado says the man, also around 70 years old, found his wife's body and spotted a bear nearby.

Gomez del Prado says the man called police, but when officers ran into the bear it seemed very aggressive. He says it was also too dark for police to locate the body.

Police found the woman's body Saturday when they returned to the area with conservation officers.

Bears rarely attacks humans and only four other people have been killed by black bears in the Quebec province over the past 25 years.

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