Nevada Officials Forced To Kill 540-Pound Bear

zanesvilletimes, Bear Hunting Magazine

Wildlife officials in Nevada were forced to shoot a 540-pound black bear that had been killing livestock in Washoe Valley about 25 miles south of Reno.

The 9-year-old bear had been feeding on sheep and goats. It is one of the largest recorded in the area for its age. A Nevada Department of Wildlife spokesman stated they typically weigh closer to 300 pounds.

Bears that wander into neighborhoods or local campgrounds routinely are shot with dart guns, trapped and relocated, but once they start killing livestock or breaking into homes, that is not an option.

Ranchers first started reporting attacks on livestock about two weeks ago in the south end of Washoe Valley and west of U.S. Highway 395 near Bellvue Road.

Bear attacks on livestock are unusual, but not unheard of and Nevada officials stated that one other bear was euthanized earlier this year but that was because it was struck by a car and was not going to survive.

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