Oregon DFW May Use New Bear Hunting Rules

Oregon DFW, Bear Hunting Magazine

The 2007 Legislature authorized Oregon Fish and Wildlife to hire contractors or use volunteers to hunt bears and cougars on the Departments behalf.

The bill has been controversial because Oregon voters approved a ban in 1994 on using dogs for sport hunting of bears and cougars.

However, that initiative did allow exceptions for the use of dogs by wildlife agents, though it did not make clear who could designate those agents.

Brian Vincent, with the wildlife protection organization Big Wildlife, objects to the new rules, and says there are non-lethal alternatives to deal with predators. Big Wildlife has a pending federal lawsuit challenging the new rules.

As for hunters this spring, warmer weather and spring green-up continues to improve hunting access but plan carefully if you are heading into high elevations as traditional routes may still be unusable. Oregon bear hunting is picking up with warmer weather and more hunters are checking in a bear; and as a reminder, check-in is now mandatory. The spring bear season in Oregon goes through May 31st.

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