Black Bear Dies at Topeka Zoo, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Topeka Zoo's male black bear has died.

Mike Coker, Zoo Director, announced Juneau died Sunday morning, March 30th of complications from an intestinal torsion, or twisted bowel. Coker says Juneau had been experiencing severe abdominal pain and underwent emergency surgery March 25th. Juneau made it through the surgery, but passed away Sunday.

Juneau had been at the Topeka Zoo for about six years. He was about one year old when he was found in a residential area of Juneau, Alaska. The Alaska Fish and Game department placed him at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage until he came to his new home in Topeka. Coker says young orphaned black bears are not an uncommon occurrence in Alaska, and the Alaska Zoo had been instrumental in providing a temporary home for some of these orphaned bears.

The Topeka Zoo has two other black bears - 12-year-old sisters.

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