New 2-Part Bear Bait Product Announced

Border Crossing Scents Introduces All-In-One Bait

Press Release, Bear Hunting Magazine
Coming Spring, 2008

Border Crossing Scents has come out with a new two-part premium bear bait for spring of 2008.

The new bait comes in a 40 lb. sealed plastic bag with a carrying handle built in. The bags are easy to load onto four wheelers or into pickups for easy transportation into bait sites.
The solid part is an extruded meal, packed with nutrition and grease along with the smells that bears are most attracted to; Black Licorice and Smoked Bacon.

The liquid bait is an 8oz. bottle of concentrated Black licorice or Smoked Bacon smell. The liquid has an oil component that will last even in damp weather. This can be poured onto the dry bait to enhance the smell or around the bait site so that bears will step in it and leave a scent trail as they leave the bait site.

Border Crossing Scents Premium two-part Bear bait is convenient and effective for drawing and keeping big bears to your site. With a retail price of approximately $14.00 per bag, it is affordable for everyone.

In a few weeks, the Border Crossing Scents website will have information on the release of this new product, or call 888-653-2759 for more information.

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