A Whopper From North Carolina

Gary Gustafson, Bear Hunting Magazine

Greg Culpepper and some of his friends were hunting on November 17th in North Carolina's legendary Hyde County at the Southern Dismal Hunt Club. For days the Avery County hunter had followed a high-spirited pack of hounds without pulling the trigger, but today the dogs were on the track of a real swamp monster. Hound hunting is gritty, hard hunting and nothing compares to crawling and running through The Tarheel State's thorny brush and deep swamps, all for the reward of getting up close and personal with an angry bruin. This time the pack brought a 610 Lb. bear to bay, and after a long chase Greg took advantage of the rare opportunity to bag the huge bruin using his 12 Gauge shotgun. This bear is a fine example of the heavy-bodied beasts roaming North Carolina's coastal areas.

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