ARGOs Have Great All Terrain Capability

Free DVDs document wide range of applications

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ARGO is pleased to present the most exciting ARGO DVDs ever created!

New Video #1--"A New Vision of the Off-Road" is packed full of information about how the ARGO will allow you to explore the possibilities and live the outdoor dream. Experience all 2008 ARGO models in Action and at Work. New for 2008 is a thorough comparison to other types of off-road vehicles, "Dare to Compare" as well as exciting video clips demonstrating the Argo's performance in challenging environments.

The new DVD contains the following videos:

The 2008 Model videos such as the new 8x8 Frontier 650, 6x6 Frontier 480 and 580 as well the Jim Shockey Limited Edition Signature Series 750 EFI. In addition, find out why the 8x8 Avenger and the ARGO 6x6 Frontier 650 will continue to be the best selling models.

ARGO in Action, ARGO at Work, Applications and Capabilities

Dare to Compare video proving that the ARGO is the better choice

Enjoy breathtaking views and see thrilling action as the ARGO masters the Rubicon Trail. Explore Canada's North or climb the highest volcano on Earth--the Ojos del Salado in Chile.

New Video #2--ARGO Hunting Adventures Vol 3

Experience all that the 8x8 ARGO Avenger can do as you follow it through all terrain conditions on extreme hunting adventures. Tag along with hunting icons such as Jim Shockey, BJ Outdoors and Dr. Buck Outdoors as well as a few others on ultimate hunting expeditions. Several adventures take you into the most secluded areas where you thought an ATV could never go, until the ARGO! Hunting adventures include animals such as boar, bear, deer, moose, and many other species.

The new DVD contains footage from the following television programs:

Ultimate Hunting Experience, Dr. Buck Outdoors, BJ Outdoors, Southern Outdoor Experience, Outdoor Quest and a Jim Shockey adventure.

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