Huge Ontario Bear Weighs Over 700 Lbs!

North Bay Nugget, Bear Hunting Magazine
Ken Loya With His Huge Bear

When most people encounter a 354-kilogram black bear in the woods, they run away as fast as they can.

But when Ken Loya Jr. saw such a bear last week, he steadied his crossbow and squeezed the trigger.

For the past five weeks, Loya has been hunting over his bear bait near Mattawa, where the 26-year-old avid bear hunter lives, in the hopes of drawing out the monster bruin he'd first learned about in August.

"I'd been hunting that bear since Sept. 1. I started baiting that area around Aug. 13 and I had a few bears coming into the area, but I knew there was one humungous one out there because I'd seen his tracks."

Loya said one of the reasons he got the potential record was that he hunted religiously for six hours every day in the afternoon and evenings, and tending to his bait every morning.

"It's not an easy task, though. I spent two months on this bear alone . . . But I finally got him," Loya said. "If you want to get a big one, you gotta put the time in and you can't shoot the first one you see. It's a lot of work, that's for sure."

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