Dick Scorzafava Releases Bear Hunting Book

Radical Bear Hunter Is An Expert Guide

Press Release, Bear Hunting Magazine
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In Radical Bear Hunter, Dick Scorzafava presents innovative approaches and offers hunters an edge for success. He shares valuable biological information, including where to find monster bears and color-phase bears, as well as proven strategies for baiting bears, hunting with hounds, spotting and stalking, and setting up scouting cameras. Hunters learn how to choose the right outfitter, or if they prefer, how to coordinate a do-it-yourself hunt. Scorzafava concludes by recounting his favorite bear hunts and some hair-raising close calls--radical experiences that will resonate with would-be adventurers.

* Radical strategies for hunting the elusive and challenging black bear
* Detailed guide to bear biology and population information
* Tips for reading bear sign and determining a trophy
* Complete rundown of North American bear hunting hotspots

Dick Scorzafava has spent a lifetime studying and hunting black bears. He serves as a staff writer for Bear Hunting magazine and is also the author of Radical Bowhunter.

Radical Bear Hunter costs $21.95. For more information visit: www.radicalbowhunter.com

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