Minnesota Trophy May Score 22 Inches

The Bear Weighed 461 Lbs--Field Dressed

Gary Gustafson, Bear Hunting Magazine
Fritz Hartwig And His 7-Foot Bruin
The bears front pads were 6 1/4 Inches Wide

Fritz Hartwig is on a roll. He has harvested five bears in five years of hunting on public land in Minnesota. The Bear Hunting Magazine reader said he had often dreamed of taking a monster bruin like the ones he sometimes sees in the magazine. His wish came true on September 2nd, 2007. Let's let him tell the story: "I bear hunt in zone 44. After freshening up my bait and spraying a couple of shots of Bear Scents Bacon Lure, I climbed into my stand about 4PM. My first excitement of the evening came when an owl dive-bombed right into my head! After a couple more hours of sitting, I began to hear an animal making noise out in the brush. About 7:45 I caught my first glimpse of the bear. He stepped cautiously into an opening and walked towards the bait. I raised my Browning A-Bolt, chambered in 7MM Rem Mag, and sent a bullet through his boiler room. He only ran about 30 yards before dying."

The bear measured 83 inches nose-to-tail and had a 53 inch girth. It also had a 32 inch neck. Both his taxidermist and the beetle cleaner taking care of the bears skull believe the skull will score over 22 inches.

Fritz is waiting for the mandatory 60 day drying period to end so he can have the bear's skull officially scored. We will keep Bear Hunting Magazine readers informed if this bear does indeed top the magical 22 inch mark.

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