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Patented Hunting Lure Can Be Applied From A Distance

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The Scent Web Can Be Applied From Ten Feet Away

Beaverton, Mich., November 1st 2006 A-Way Hunting Products, Inc. has introduced a new flavor to its award winning Scent Web" line of scents. The new scent, Smokey Bacon is sure to be a favorite among bear hunters this season.

"In field tests, the bear literally tore up the area trying to get at the new Smokey Bacon Scent" stated Greg Abbas, president of A-Way Hunting Products, Inc. "Bear Hunters will definitely benefit from this new scent".

"The Scent Web"--US patent number 7,073,732--is an environmental-friendly scented spray string that comes in a variety of scents and attractants. "Scent Web" can be up to 300% more powerful than liquid scent products, due to the amount of surface area exposure when applied. In addition, the magnum propulsion from Scent Web" will shoot a web up to 10 feet away, preventing the hunter from contaminating the scent site" explained Abbas. Because Scent Web" is an aerosol, there are no messy liquids, cotton balls or containers to deal with. When stored, the scent has no contact with oxygen, thus the shelf life is almost indefinite. Each can contains up to 300 feet of web and fits easily into a coat pocket. "As an added bonus upon application, Scent Web" will remain active until it dries and becomes brittle. Then, once exposed to moisture, the Scent Web" will reactivate and slowly dissipate into the ground like other liquid lures. This allows the product to refresh the scent site without the hunter being present" said Abbas.

Scent Web" is offered in SHE-HEAT" (doe estrus), SCRAPE VENOM" (buck/doe/tarsal mix), APPLE , VANILLA/ACORN for deer and SMOKEY BACON for bear.

For more information regarding Scent Web", or other A-Way Hunting products, visit us on-line at A-Way Hunting Products., or call 989-435-3879.

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