New England's Top Bear Hunts

Bob Sadowski/New England Game and Fish, Bear Hunting Magazine

New England's black bears may be found and hunted from Maine's north woods to the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Bears are elusive prey that appear and disappear like ghosts. Most bears are shot at close range in thick cover, with average rifle opportunities under 75 yards and bow shots under 20 yards.

In the Northeast, black bear hunting seasons open as early as August and run into November. While still-hunting and baiting are popular methods where they are allowed, many hunters prefer the fast action and excitement that comes with hunting with hounds. In any case, hunters should keep in mind that a black bear's eyesight is only fair, but his hearing is better and his nose is keen.

Here's where to go to get nose-to-nose with a trophy bruin in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

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