Group Meets To Protect Bear Hunting Rights

Bear Hunters Rights Coalition--Fighting For Hunters!

Gary Gustafson, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Bear Hunter's Rights Coalition, a United States Sportsmen's Alliance organization, held their annual meeting on June 22nd and 23rd, 2007. The meeting took place at USSA headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. The Bear Hunter's Rights Coalition is a cooperative effort of state and local bear hunting associations from throughout the country. The BHRC was formed when a proposed federal law would have banned using bait to hunt for bears on Federal wildlife refuges. Since then, the BHRC has successfully fought to help the state of Maine to continue bear management programs that include hunting, and they have lobbied to keep healthy polar bear populations from being classified as threatened.

Current threats to bear hunting and bear conservation around the country include:

1. AB 1634 in California--a proposal that would force most hunting dog owners to neuter their hounds, thus preventing the passing on of the best genetics.
2. The Democratic Governor and Legislature in the State of New Jersey are against bear hunting, despite high numbers of bear-human conflicts. In addition, the Governor wants to disband the citizen oversight panel and give sole authority for wildlife management to his appointed Fish and Game Commissioner.
3. High timberwolf populations in Idaho and Wisconsin are resulting in the killing of hunting hounds by the wolves. Full management authority including having hunting and/or trapping seasons needs to be taken by the individual states to control the burgeoning wolf numbers.
4. In New Hampshire "conservation" groups are buying large tracts of land and then closing these lands to recreational activities such as hunting and snowmobiling.

In addition, many other threats to bear hunting and proper bear conservation exist. Animal Rights groups are well-organized and well funded. Don't take your bear hunting rights for granted! Join the Bear Hunter's Right Coalition to help defend your hunting rights. Contact them by visiting their website (click on link on this page) or call (614) 888-4868.

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