First Bear Trouble Of The Spring In BC

Whistler Question, Bear Hunting Magazine

Conservation officers are urging Whistlerites and resort guests to take extra care of garbage and other potential attractants after they were forced to destroy a young male black bear that showed a penchant for breaking into homes and vehicles.
Whistler RCMP officers shot and killed the bear, a mature male weighing almost 200 pounds, on Monday (April 23) on Drifter Way in Alpine Meadows.
Chris Doyle of the B.C. Conservation Officer Service said officials began receiving reports of a bear or bears breaking into homes and vehicles in late March in the Nesters and Whistler Cay areas.
On Easter Sunday, they trapped a young black bear they suspected was responsible for at least some of the incidents. They fitted it with a radio collar and an ear tag and relocated it near the Cal-Cheak area south of Whistler, he said.
It didnt take long for the bear to return and resume the same sort of behaviour.
This bears level of conflict was high, Doyle said. It had fully entered the dwelling portion of at least two houses, into the mudrooms of others, and at least two vehicles, and it had bluff-charged at least two residents.
Doyle said its unusual to see bears regularly getting involved in conflict situations in April, and so far, except for this one bear, the bear situation has been otherwise quiet.
This is the first bear shot and killed by officers in 2007.

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