Send Us Your Big Bear Stories!

Gary Gustafson, Bear Hunting Magazine

In 2007, Bear Hunting Magazine will once again be compiling stories on the biggest bears from all over North America. The stories will be included in the Biggest Bears Of 2007 feature to be published in 2008. The hunter who is deemed to have taken the biggest bear of the year will be awarded the Ursus Rex Trophy by the magazine.

Please call us at (888) 420-6966 for information on how to possibly be included in this roundup article.

Guidelines: Any harvested bear that is unusually large for a given area or species can be submitted. Generally, black bears with a skull score in the 22"+ range, or weigh more than 550 Lbs live weight or square more than 7'6" are candidates. Polar or Brown bears that square more than 10' or have a skull score over 29' are candidates. Grizzly Bears that score more than 26" or square more than 8 1/2' are candidates. A high-quality photograph is required. Multiple photographs are better. The photo(s) must be taken on either a film camera, or a digital camera set to the highest resolution (highest quality). Photographs printed on home photo printers will not be accepted. The photos must include the hunter, preferably the weapon, and a clean view of the bear without blood or gore. A clean background for the photo free of machinery, other people, etc. is also required.

Although the article focuses on physical size of the bear, a skull score certificate is required to help add credibility to your story. Please get the skull scored as soon as possible. We will require you to fax us a copy of the scoring certificate. Other means of verifying the actual size of your bear are requested including photographs showing a tape measure, scale or other measuring device. We prefer that you include dimensions such as the width of the front paw pad, neck circumference, chest circumference, nose-to-tail length, hide square, etc.

We look forward to hearing about your big bear story, and thanks for participating in our one-of-a-kind roundup!

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