Wisconsin Hound Saves Owner From Bear

Rare Winter Attack May Have Been Triggered By Dog

Dan Simmons/LaCrosse Tribune, Bear Hunting Magazine

CATARACT, Wis. --Without Dude, Jason Schindler said he wouldn't be alive.

Schindler said he heard Dude yelping loudly Thursday after dark at the family's rental estate, on about 600 acres in rural Cataract. He figured he had treed a coon, so he went out with a spotlight and a .22. Shortly thereafter, his spotlight died, but he kept walking in the dark toward the dog's impassioned yelps.

He finally caught up to him beside a pile of downed trees. He peeked his head around, Schindler said, and "all I saw was this dark thing lunging at me" in the night. Dude, at his side, jumped between the two and was quickly snatched up in the bear's jaw.

Schindler had never seen a bear on the property. The DNR official said the bear may have been confused into coming partially out of hibernation by the unseasonably warm midweek weather, and the dog's loud barking may have been an unwelcome alarm clock. The official said there's one other known black bear in the Cataract area.

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