West Virginia's 2006 Bear Harvest Totals

2006 Nearly A Record Year For Hunters

Bear Hunting Magazine

West Virginia bear hunters harvested 1,705 bears during the combined 2006 archery and firearms seasons, according to Frank Jezioro, Director of the Division of Natural Resources.
The preliminary harvest data for the combined bear season is two percent higher than the 1,661 bears taken in 2005 and only two percent below the record harvest of 1,730 bears established in 2003.

"A tremendous bear population coupled with above average mast conditions and nearly ideal weather conditions in December contributed to a record gun kill. The conditions kept many bears out of their dens and available for harvest," stated Jezioro.

Gun hunters took 1,188 bears, which is a record harvest. This was the first time on record that gun hunters took over 1,100 bears in a season.

Archery hunters took 517 bears, which is 13 percent lower than the 2005 harvest. It still ranks as the third highest archery harvest on record.

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