Kentucky finalizes expanded bear hunting regulations

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission regulations given final approval

Bear Hunting Magazine

In early June, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission passed expanded bear hunting regulations. Final legislative approval has been granted for these regulations, which include

  • Creation of a separate archery/crossbow season
  • Archery/crossbow season open from Nov. 23 - Dec. 1
  • Quota for this hunt is 10 bears or five female bears, whichever limit hunters reach first
  • Successful archery and crossbow hunters must telecheck their bears by 8 p.m. on the day of harvest
  • Hunters also must call the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources within 24 hours to arrange for an employee to check the bear.
  • Modern gun season remains the same with no changes
  • This winter will also mark Kentucky's first separate bear quota hunt with dogs

These regulations indicate the tremendous management efforts of states' game and fish commissions. Don't be fooled by "activists" rhetoric! Since implementing managed harvesting strategy, bear populations have increased.
Read more details of the expansion here.

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