Wyoming Bear Euthanized After Camper Fed It

Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (GFD) trapped and euthanized a male four year-old black bear in the Bighorn National Forest Sunday night. This occurred after it was fed by a camper earlier that same day and then came back later for more.

The Wyoming GFD knows that if a bear receives food from a human, it can become habituated to humans and often will return looking for more food. Asa was the case with this bear, once it found out humans could give it an easy meal, it came right back for more the same day.

Officials remind campers that the euthanization of this bear could have been prevented had the camper not fed the bear in the first place. Visitors to areas with bear populations are urged to be bear aware and take steps to ensure a safer visit by keeping all food locked up and/or out of reach of bears.

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