Pennsylvania Looking Into Death Of Bear

PA Game Commission, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is investigating the death of a 550-pound black bear in Wayne County. Officers began their investigation earlier this week after someone reported spotting a deceased bear Berlin Twp.

The bear was shot and killed out of season, a summary-level offense carrying fines and restitution of up to $6,500 and potentially up to 120 days in jail. Officials believe the male bruin was killed on Tuesday. There was no indication it was hit by a vehicle and then killed to put it out of suffering.

Poachers in the state are known to illegally kill game, sometimes to harvest body parts, such as the gall bladder from bear, to sell on the black market.

Investigators will not say whether or not they have a suspect, but did state that they are pursuing leads. They also would not say whether or not any of the bear's organs had been removed.

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