B.C. Officials Search For Wounded Bear

British Columbia Ministry of Natural Resources, Bear Hunting Magazine

Conservation officers in British Columbia, Canada are still searching for an injured black bear near Surrey after it attacked a llama and killed a goat on separate properties. The owner of the llama was trying to get the bear to stay away from his animals, but bear would not leave, so the man used his rifle to shoot the bear in the shoulder after it got up on its hind legs, which resulted in it dropping the llama.

Officials have set a bear trap near the location where the goat was killed. They believe the bear is hiding in the area and believe it has lost its fear of humans.

The bear will be euthanized if it is caught because it attacked livestock. Once a bear goes away from its natural food source, it will usually continue to get into other types of unnatural food.

Residents are reminded that if they see the injured bear, to not shoot at it and instead, call the authorities. Those living in the area should take extra caution not to leave food out or garbage bins accessible until the bear is captured.

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