Update: Alaskan Man Fatally Mauled By Black Bear

Alaska State Troopers, Bear Hunting Magazine

The male black bear that was killed near the scene of a deadly mauling in remote Alaska last week has been identified as the animal responsible. Remains linked to the deceased were found in the bear's stomach. Because no other bear was seen around the attack sight, authorities are not looking for any additional bears.

The unidentified family member who called police has been reported as being the wife of the deceased man.

Original News Flash from 6/08/2013:
Alaska State Troopers released information about a man that was mauled to death by a bear at a remote lake in the state’s interior late Thursday night. The statement released said that the victim was a 64 year-old from Fairbanks.

The 64 year-old and a family member were at a cabin at George Lake, about 110 miles southeast of Fairbanks, when the attack occurred. The other family member sought shelter inside the cabin and called authorities.

Responding troopers found the man’s body outside. The trooper investigating the death encountered a black bear. The animal was killed was sent to Fairbanks for a necropsy to confirm it was the bear involved in the incident.

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